Hire an IT Consulting Expert to Handle Your IT Needs

Our IT Consulting services provide you with a fresh, professional and objective perspective for your office technology. We also offer Virtual CIO services for your Fort Worth office as well as for your other business locations.

IT is something that all businesses large and small have to deal with, but it is often extremely complex to manage. Often times, many in-house IT reps are handed a long list of issues to resolve. Unfortunately for both the internal IT resource and the company, the list never gets shorter and IT support is forever in “react” mode, responding to the most severe problem and seldom getting ahead.

What most businesses need is an IT expert available 24/7 to monitor all IT services and give expert advice. At CMIT Solutions we offer just that. We set businesses up with the IT consulting they’ve always needed. As a business owner, you no longer have to worry about systems breaking down, costing excessive amounts of time and money. You will have someone monitoring and offering improvement suggestions at all times.

Why Choose CMIT?

We are Dedicated to Businesses of All Sizes

Many large IT firms don’t treat their smaller clients with the same level of dedication and respect as their larger ones. But at CMIT Solutions of Fort Worth Downtown, many of our business owners come from corporate backgrounds – so we cherish the opportunity to help small to medium-sized business owners in communities across North America overcome IT challenges. That, in turn, helps them survive and thrive.

We Have Real World Experience

While certifications are important, so is experience. IT consultants encounter very few problems they haven’t seen before, while an in-house IT employee often remains narrowly focused on small set of issues. You’d rather an experienced doctor solve your physical ailments, rights? The same goes for an IT support team.

We Are Trusted Advisors

A higher-level perspective on your business should also be a requirement for any IT consultant. Whether you’re looking for hardware purchasing, office remodels or relocations, long-term technology strategy, security consulting, or even CTO help, our IT consultants specialize in the business partner/trusted advisor model, where the success of your business is our number-one goal.

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