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CMIT Commitment

We are here to create new energy and better connections between your business, your customers, your partners and your staff


“Honesty, integrity, loyalty and trust matter to us.”

Shirley Peterson,

President of CMIT Solutions of Fort Worth

Hello, my name is Shirley Peterson and I am President of CMIT Solutions of Fort Worth. Located in one of the fastest growing cities in America today, we take pride in serving the Fort Worth Community. As a leading provider of professional IT services in the area, we specialize in delivering the best possible service to our customers. We make a promise to work hard to earn your business every day. Honesty, integrity, loyalty and trust matter to us.

Supporting the most mobile workforce ever, we make sure we have the right mix of products and services for our customers at affordable prices. We recognize that businesses that are up to date with their technology have an advantage over their competitors.

And if your business is growing geographically, as part of a national franchise we provide seamless support for organizations with multiple locations.

Get to know us. As customer service specialists we deliver. 817.332.2648.

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